About us

Present in the daily life of people in Vaasa

Vaasan Setlementti wants to facilitate people´s daily life and reduce loneliness. We offer people living in the Vaasa region the opportinity to meet other people in our clubs and through different events.

Vaasan Setlementti is also a service provider. We prepare lunches and offer housing services. We help people find work try-outs and wage subsidy work places.

Vaasan Setlementti is a nonprofit civic organization. We act resbonsibly and we do good. We are religiously and politically independent.

Annual report (in finnish)

Vaasan Setlementtiyhdistys ry:n toimintakertomus 2022

Vaasan Setlementtiyhdistys ry:n toimintakertomus 2021

Kansalaisjärjestö. Vaasan Setlementti on elämänkaarijärjestö. Kuljemme ihmisten rinnalla kaikissa elämänvaiheissa.