Vaasan Setlementti wants to facilitate people´s daily life and reduce loneliness. We offer people living in the Vaasa region the opportinity to meet other people in our clubs and through different events.

Vaasan Setlementti is a nonprofit civic organization. We act resbonsibly and we do good. We are religiously and politically independent.

Do you want to make life better for people living in Vaasa area? You can help us by donation. Choose your way to help:

You can put money to the “piggy banks” we have in Setlementtikeskus, Kyläkeskus and Vestis. We usually take piggy banks with us when we organize events.

Receiver: Vaasan Setlementti
Bank account: FI17 6601 0010 8077 82
Your message: Please let us know if you want to make a donation for certain purpose, for example for children, families, elderly people.

Our number: 59914 (This is so called lyhytnumero, not a telefonnumber)

The collected funds will be used to cover costs of organizising hobby- and group activities, recreation like trips, camps and picnics for people attending Vaasan Setlementti. The funds are also used to pay wages, events and operating expenses.

There are other ways to help, too. You can be a member in Vaasan Setlementti or you can be our volunteer.