Vaasan Setlementti

Enabler of a good life

Poika leikkii pöydän ääressä.

For children and families

Vaasan Setlementti offers all kinds of activities and events for families with children all around the town.

Pöydällä on kyniä, saksia ja muita askarteluvälineitä.


At Vaasan Setlementtikeskus you can participate for example in water coloring, creative writing, singing, arts and crafts, porcelain painting. The clubs are free of charge.

Help us make life better

Do you want to make life better for people living in Vaasa area? You can help us by donation.

Career Step

Career services

Vaasan Setlementti´s Career Step is an employment project funded by Pohjanmaan TE-toimisto and the city of Vaasa.

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Setlementti Varppi

Rehabilitative work activities

Setlementti Varppi – Rehabilitative work activities. The service is mostly in Finnish.

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Services for Wellbeing services counties

Housing services

Vaasan Setlementti offers safe living and housing services in their own facilities for people who need rehabilitation due to mental health issues and people with substance induced dementia.

Housing services

Apartments and spaces for hire

Vaasan Setlementti together with the city of Vaasa owns Vaasan Mäntyhovi, built as apartments for retirees. Kiinteistö Oy Pikipruukki rents out Mäntyhovi´s apartments. The real estate company Setlementti Messi´s apartments in Palosaari are intended for working people under the age of 28. Vaasan Setlementti also has a few rental apartments on the free market. One can hire Vaasan Setlementti´s facilities for meetings, group activities and private parties.

Available apartments Renting of facilities