Rehabilitating work activity

Vaasan Setlementtiyhdistys organizes individual rehabiliting work activity as an out sourced service of the city of Vaasa. The rehabilitating work activity service is meant for long-term unemployed people. The clients are directed to the service via the rehabilitating work activity coaches employed by the city of Vaasa.

We offer our clients versatile supporting work assignments within the different units of Vaasan Setlementtiyhdistys. We offer assisting work assignments within for example catering, café and recreational activity, cleaning, kitchen work and gardening.

The service consists of familiarization visits, work assignment guidance and regular individual coaching. A client who has participated in the work activity will also receive feedback regarding the work activity period and a particiation certificate when the rehabilitating work activity at Vaasan Setlementti is over. One can participate in the rehabilitating work activity 3-24 months.

One can start out with 1-2 work activity days and work activity days can be added according to the client´s condition and needs. The work activity time is usually 4-6 hours per work activity day. During the work activity the client receives more work experience and get to work on his/her work life skills. A coach appointed by the work activity unit familiarizes the client with the work assignments. The work activity coach guides the client through the work activity and if necessary, helps out with practical matters.

The service also includes regular dyalic support from and guidance discussion with the individual coach. One can discuss the current life situation and together draw up plans for the future after the rehabilitating work activity. If needed, the individual coach also helps out with practical matters.

We are a part of the Vaasan Kaikukortti-activity.

Kuntouttava työtoiminta Vaasan Setlementissä. Kuvakollaasi työtehtävistä, joita on mahdollisuus tehdä kuntouttavassa työtoiminnassa. Rehabilitating work activity.